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Hirsvogelsaal | Nürnberg

Hirsvogelsaal | Nürnberg

Hirsvogelsaal | Nürnberg

Light becomes round – Sphere product line: high-performance LED in a round aluminum housing


Planning: City of Nürnberg

The haled Sphere family of luminaires consists of a specially developed aluminum ball housing, which functions as an LED holder, housing and cooling element. It is closed at the end by an aluminum end cap with a fine thread and sealing ring and covered with glass. The luminous flux of the built-in high-performance LED is deflected by means of special lenses, depending on the area of ​​application, wide, narrow or oval. The heat generated by the LEDs is distributed over the entire system and dissipated to the outside, so that optimal cooling of the light sources is always guaranteed. This is the only way to achieve a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Depending on the type, the feed takes place either through a holding element or through the profile itself. In both cases, an increased degree of protection (up to IP65) is possible, which ensures the use of spheres outdoors. Single-color and white LEDs can always be switched, RGB modules can be controlled in a variety of ways - each tailored to the intended purpose. Dali and DMX systems meet the highest control requirements. They allow particularly complex control by addressing individual LED groups. Dali has 64 addresses ready, DMX comes from stage technology and is currently the leader with 512 addresses - however, with 64 addresses, 21 different RGB modules can already be controlled regardless of the number of groups per module.

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