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Since time immemorial, light has been an elementary need for life – not just as a remedy for darkness. Light permanently influences our well-being and makes our surroundings come alive – it reflects the mood of a room. The interaction of light and shadow gives the architecture its perfect form.



Without natural light, we create something artificial and expand our living space. In our opinion, good light means maximum user comfort and functional perfection. We do not see it as a decorative accessory, but as an integral part of the architecture and its aesthetic characteristics.


Quality and sustainability have top priority

Hatec products are developed and constructed according to the most modern criteria and the current state of lighting technology.

The basis for this is the many years of experience in luminaire construction and the consistent application of both proven technologies and the latest developments in the luminaire sector.

In addition to product safety, we also pay attention to the sustainability of our products.

Responsibility for people and their surroundings begins with working conditions, in the supply chain and in production. This includes the systematic auditing of suppliers, the efficient and careful use of resources as well as the maximum reduction of emissions and waste in the life cycle of the products.

Our customers not only benefit from the good quality of light, but also from an improved energy balance - and thus lower energy costs - and the long life of our lights

When designing and manufacturing our lights, we combine environmental protection, economic efficiency and social aspects. This includes

  • Low-pollution products that can be disposed of easily at the end of their service life.
  • Careful use of raw materials that can later be recycled and reused.
  • Efficient and long-lasting light sources, lights and control gear.
  • Interchangeable components.
  • High light quality, good visual conditions (visual quality), a pleasant lighting atmosphere (emotional quality) and a positive effect on body and health (biological quality according to the HCL concept.