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Flexible workplace lighting with freestanding lumnaires


Freestanding luminaires

Floor lamps are the solution wherever rooms are to be designed flexibly and workplaces are to be individually illuminated - the lighting situation can be changed with little effort. Our lights impress with their design and the lighting technology with which they are equipped. Straightforward, timeless design paired with the latest LED technology.

To optimize processes in office and administration buildings perfectly, floor lamps can also be connected to a building management system. hatec offers an intelligent lighting system for high-performance buildings. Controlled and fed via data networks, the intelligent system has impressive energy saving potential and numerous operating options.

Our lights are equipped with a sensor that responds to daylight, temperature or presence and forwards the corresponding data to the system.



R185 Freestanding luminaire
R-T7 Freestanding luminaire
S-T100 Freestanding luminaire
LED Freestanding luminaire with fabric shade