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New sensors and communication options offer more than the light management of a lighting system. Networking of the lighting infrastructure using various standardized protocols such as for examle. Zigbee, Bluetooth, PoE (Power over Ethernet) or Network Powered Lighting enables more than just energy saving potential. A scalable, future-proof IoT ecosystem is created. Hatec and its partner company Siltas have been dealing with this issue for more than eleven years and offer the components integrated in the luminaires as well as the network connection, planning support and advice on choosing the most suitable platform.


Light management

Get full control of the lighting in all of your office spaces and even across your entire property portfolio worldwide. A dashboard provides insights into the use of your lighting system.


In this way, you can make data-based decisions to optimize and reduce costs.


Network Powered Lighting/PoE

Luminaires and their control are operated and supplied with energy via the network structure.


The data transfer takes place in real time.


Energy monitoring

Get a detailed insight into the energy consumption of lighting in your offices.

Use new insights to improve building efficiency and reduce costs.


Light scene management

Set up lighting plans, lighting scenarios and dimming programs. Make sure that the optimal light is available for every work task. Improve the comfort and thus the productivity of your employees.


Personalized lighting control via smartphone app contributes to the well-being of your employees.


Space management

Collect and analyze data on space utilization. So you can better understand how rooms are used. Gain insights from occupancy data to create work environments that meet your needs.


Reduce operating costs without affecting the performance of your employees.



Where exactly is a conference room free or a desk? Where's the coffee maker? How do I find the IT department? Various applications use the lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide your employees to specific locations.


Indoor navigation is very precise and enables the use of completely new applications that can help increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.


Lighting asset management

Make the maintenance of your lighting system more efficient. Remote monitoring enables you to plan maintenance work in advance and to carry it out promptly.


Firmware and software updates are installed automatically.


Connection and integration in the building management system

Various interfaces (API - from English Application Programming Interface, literally 'application programming interface') enable the systems / sensors to be integrated into the building management system.


Welcome to the intelligent building – we hope you enjoy it.



Project- and customer acquisition
Advice on project distribution and use
Strategic partnerships
System check


Participation in the planning task
Clarification of needs
Building inspections


Participation in the award
Interface management
Project support and networking


Order processing
Project management
Functional test
System optimization
Customer briefing

Usage phase

System integration in the project
After-sale support
Runtime support
Performance analysis
Remote maintenance
Change of use and space, adjustments

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