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Planning: Scenariio, Derby, UK

Josef Albers, one of the most important painters and art theorists of the last century once said: “I love the square. I consider it a man-made shape because we don't perceive the square in nature. ” Yes, it can certainly be said that Albers loved the square – he dedicated entire series to him, including his famous "Hommage to the square". The fascination of reproducing and interpreting a human-made form is omnipresent and so perfectly brought to the point by Albers. The clear lines and the specific shape of this geometric body promise in their simplicity complete logic and clarity. Squares today stand for stringent leadership in an increasingly complex time. Global companies such as Microsoft or Deutsche Bank but also church institutions such as Diakonie use the square in their brand logos: a square expresses stability, it stands for reliability and order and gives additional elements an additional framework.

We also give a special element, namely the light, an elegant frame with our new square reflector. It takes up the design language of modern luminaires and emits the light perfectly. The almost 40 x 40mm large and only 22mm high reflector can be placed on an LED cluster and emits a wide-beam light. The stepped surface reflects the light in such a way that a screen-appropriate light with a UGR value of less than 19 is created. The surface can be chosen between matt or reflective - the matt reflector gives a softer light. Both reflectors
have an efficiency of over 91%. The photobiological safety is given (free group).

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