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New building Evangelische Hochschule | Freiburg

New building Evangelische Hochschule | Freiburg

New building Evangelische Hochschule | Freiburg

Round recessed ceiling lights give "golden" light


Planing: Bernhard Mahler, Stromline Mahler

For the expansion of the Evangelische Hochschule in Freiburg, very special luminaires were needed, round luminaire bodies that are half built into the ceiling. The light comes from a round opening in the middle - but not just somehow directly, but by means of reflection on a brass-colored back plate. The luminaire body is painted in a matt antracite: the contrast to the warm light could hardly be greater. In addition, reflections of light should be avoided so that the lighting effect develops specifically from the brass-colored interior. The brass is deliberately untreated, it will take on patina over time and thus change the lighting effect.

This living light was conceived and desired by the light planner Bernhard Mahler from the Constance light planning office Stromlinie Mahler. The light is generated by LEDs that sit behind a curved, frosted glass that provides the necessary transmission and good glare control. With a total output of max. The lights are energy efficient 24W, they are also controlled via Dali, so that different lighting scenarios are possible. This project-related solution is supplemented by recessed floor lights and K72 ceiling lights - this creates a holistic light image in this unique project.