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Maintor PORTA | Frankfurt/Main

K50 system lights – a modular system for the highest demands.


Planning: IB Raible + Partner, Frankfurt

The reflector specially designed for the K50 system combines extremely high efficiency with perfect glare control. The reflector made of pure aluminum with a diameter of just under 20mm and 15mm high is equipped with a special structure. It achieves the best scattering of light and at the same time counteracts glare because the light is reflected again and again. The UGR value of 19 calculated at the beginning is even undercut in the actual measurements. Use at VDU workstations is therefore possible without hesitation in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.

Due to the recurring reflection in the reflector, a very high degree of efficiency can be achieved – a better result is virtually impossible. Such a value is not achieved even with a free-radiating lamp, because too much light is scattered into the surroundings. The reflector can be attached to the LED board specially developed by hatec using 4-way feet. This means that the equipment can be re-selected for each project.

An arrangement of the LEDs is possible in many variants: whether as a single LED, one or two rows or as a field arrangement, for modules in individual lights or as a row at different intervals - the principle of a modular system can be applied very simply here: depending on the requirements the light points are calculated and arranged. This creates the optimal light for every room: zones of workplace light and ambient light can be created for offices, light scenes are created for foyers that are inviting, and emergency lighting modules and presence detectors can be optionally used in aisles.

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