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Monastery St. Michael | Stadt Bamberg

Monastery St. Michael | Stadt Bamberg

Monastery St. Michael | Stadt Bamberg

Profile solution in the historic building


Architect: gkt-Architekten bda, Würzburg

The UNESCO World Heritage Site St. Michaelsberg Monastery is a former monastery on Michaelsberg, west of the Regnitz. Most recently, an old people's home was housed here, and the vacant premises in the commercial wing of the former monastery complex have now been used as office buildings by parts of the city administration since 2013. This affects the office wing as well as the gate wing.

In the individual historical room shells (offices), new workplaces or platforms made of wood were built as work islands. The historic stucco ceiling elements have been preserved in the rooms and are now indirectly illuminated by the R-T7 floor lamp.

The lighting of the corridors and corridors was a particular challenge: due to the structural conditions and restrictions due to the protection of historical monuments, the choice ultimately fell on a continuous H-profile, which runs down the ceiling and thus provides orientation at the same time. Emergency lighting and escape route signs have been integrated on site so that the ceiling substance was attacked at as few points as possible. Almost 170m of profile are held together by connectors and indirectly illuminate the ceiling using compact fluorescent lamps. The lamps are arranged so that they overlap in such a way that the light is flat and thus brings out the grandeur of the historic ceiling perfectly.

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Luminaire used