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Hybrid construction perfected by smartengine technology


Planning: Wtec AG, Bad Homburg

Approx. 300 HCL lights (2700K - 6500K) from hatec Lichttechnik were installed in this project. These are equipped with the smartengine technology - the functionality of the smartengine has been individually adapted to the specifications, which results in a very high efficiency of the lights. The lights thus make a good contribution to sustainability.

The office building in Bremen's Überseestadt was built using a hybrid construction method: the shell was erected in just 10 days. The office space is approx. 2500m² and is spread over 4 floors. A project that caused a sensation due to the new construction method.

Press article in Weser-Kurier: Richtfest Handwerkerhaus nach nur 10 Tagen

CREE Buildings: Handwerkerhaus Bremen


Luminaires used